Power Supplies & Extras 

Powertech. Laboratory Sower Supply. New Edition
Input Voltage: 240 V. Output 0 - 30 Volts  D.C. @ 0 - 3 Amps (variable Amps & Volts)
Dimensions: (mm) 130 W. x 160 H. x 320 D. Weight 6.5 Kg. Now with new flush mounted Banana Plug sockets saving bench space. A carrying handle has also been added.

6 Months Warranty.
Aust. $199.00



Powertech Compact Power Supply.
(Power cords connect at the rear for neatness.
Compact size, high current, variable output and fan cooling make these the ideal power supply for your bench. They are protected against thermal overload and short circuit and will display a
warning LED in the event of a fault condition. Amp and Voltage meters.
Voltage output: 0 - 24 Volts D.C.
Current output: Max 18A, 15A continuous
Ripple: <9mV at rated load
Output regulation: <1%
Dimensions: 148(W) x 162(D) x 62(H) mm
6 Months Warranty
Aust. $149.00

Foot Switch (Treadlite) Made in the U.S.A. A good strong reliable unit that will give years of service. Comes with 1.5 metres of connecting cable. Always have a spare on hand!
Aust. $59.00

Also available Chinese Foot Switch
Aust. $19.00





Foot Switch (Gem)

From the U.S.A. the Gem foot switch will work when used on any angle.
(Made by Treadlite)
Aust. $99.00



Standard Clipcord
The traditional favourite. Supplied with a Phono plug (removeable)
Aust. $19.00


Stencil Paper.
The real thing, not a Chinese copy. Made in the U.S.A. Asian manufacturers have tried copying the product including the box! It doesn't work well and who knows what's in it? This is the new packaging of the Old Favourite!
I'll only sell you the genuine article.
10 sheets $19.00   Box of 100 $66.00   3 Boxes $60.00 each.