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Tattooing A-Z

Tattooing A to Z.

(By Huck Spaulding.) (Second Edition) Over 25 chapters covering the technical aspects of tattooing, written by a man with over 40 years in the tattoo industry, firstly as a working tattooist, then as a major supplier to the trade.
Subjects (with photos and illustrations)  in this hardcover book, include...Business Practices, Design Placement, Setting Machines, making Needles, Skin, Studio Layout, Sterilization, etc. The list goes on!
Review: "I read this book with 25 years experience behind me and learnt something from the very first chapter." (John Entwistle)
Aust. $99.00     

DVD: The Art of Tattooing. (By Huck Spaulding Enterprises)
Over 75 minutes of detailed instruction. A "must see" for any beginner. Experienced
hands will also pick up some pointers as well! A very professional presentation. Takes the learner through every step of the tattooing process.
Aust. $59.00



Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash. (Sold Out)

Brand new copies. (Limited supplies) Features the full size legendary tattoo designs of Sailor Jerry Collins, Hawaii's old time tattoo master. Published by Ed Hardy.
Aust. $99.00


Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vol 2.(Sold Out)

Released (February 2004)
Fifty full colour pages of genuine "Old School" designs.
Aust. $99.00



Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vol 3. (Sold out)

Released 2010. More of those now popular '50's and '60's designs designed to make tattooing fun and profitable.
Aust. $99.00

Ed Hardys books remain listed in case of reprint

Tattoo Flash Book (Don Ed Hardy)

Newly reprinted copies of this classic.
Aust. $99.00 (Out of Stock)





Tattootime (Don Ed Hardy)

Volumes 1 to 5 reprinted as a 2 Volume set in a deluxe slip case. (Hardcover)
originally published in the 1980's. Don't miss out on this collectors edition.



Dragon Tattoo Design (Don Ed Hardy)

Hard cover book full of mainly Oriental dragons. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been made by tattooists using this book as a dragon reference.
Aust. $99.00
(Out of Stock)






Old Time tattooist Poster
Giant size 600 mm x 800mm (24" x 32") full colour poster originally painted by
Norman Rockwell. Limited copies are in stock now.

Aust. $49.00






John Entwistle Tattooist Melbourne Australia.
Hardcover book size A4 128 pages. My personal tattooing history 1962 - 2010. Features historic and modern photographs with interview and tattoo designs. Thanks Jane and Danny, I'm honoured.
Totally Made and printed in Australia!
Aust. $60.00    SOLD OUT


Done With Electricity.
Hardcover book by Adam Lockman and Buggsy. 248 pages of Australian and New Zealand tattooing. Another great Australia publication.
Aust. $100.00
(Out of Stock)