Ink Caps                                                                                                        

Small, Medium or large.

Sold in packets of 100 or 1000.

$29.00 (1000) $5.00 (100)

$29.00 (1000) $5.00 (100)

ink cap rack


Deluxe Ink Cap Holder.
Precision laser cut stainless steel rack polished to a mirror finish holds 14 ink caps (not included) and a disposable rinse cup (not included). Caps can be used for ink or ointments. The precision holes hold the caps firmly in place.

These holders can be sterilized & are made to last a lifetime!

Compact Ink Cap Holder.
The same mirror finish stainless steel as the deluxe model.
 (Not included, matchbox and 9 small Caps)


Tattoo Machine Rack. tatt machine rack

Holds up to five machines, with or without tubes. The machine tubes sit in the test tubes or the spring clips. Spare test tubes are available. Without tubes the machines sit on posts (removable) on top of the rack. Unique see-through design. Bench or wall mounting.

Supplied unassembled, the kit does not include base board or machines. You receive the Machine rack, 5 test tubes, 5 spring clips, 5 machine seating posts and all screws, nuts and washers needed for assembly.