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I've spent over 40 years as a tattooist and over 20 years as a manufacturer of tattoo supplies and accessories, the Oldest Established Tattoo Supply in Australia. Now, thanks to the internet I can offer my goods to the world. Browse through and see what goodies you can find. Click below to view products.
Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Machines
Books & Posters
Tattoo designs from around the world! Top quality prints, most with outline drawings for stencils. Machines to suit any budget. Australian Made & imported models. Check out our selection of must have books for any coffee table or studio.
Inks & Colours
Power Supplies + Extras
Tubes, Needles, etc..
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power supply
Huge range of Inks and colours. Pre-mixed homogenized or dry powder colours are available. The Heart of the Matter. Whether its a complete set-up or just a footswitch, give me a call.

C.O.D. Australia Wide!

Quality tubes, Grips & needles, all made from the finest Australian and imported materials.