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About Johnny Dollar Tattoo

Dear Tattooist,

During 1968 I established my first tattoo studio in Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia. In those days tattoo suppliers were few and far between. Mostly we had to import our gear from overseas. Always present was the worry that we might receive shoddy goods, pay outlandish Customs Duty or worse still never get our order at all. All of these things happened to myself and others on more than one occasion.

The situation prompted me to repair or manufacture whatever I could myself. As a result of this I now make and sell a complete line of tattoo related items. Some items are still imported but I rely on known brands from reputable sources to keep up the quality.

Things have turned around and I’m now exporting  goods overseas to satisfied customers.

Having spent 4 years as a youngster working for the Post Office I’m aware of what can happen to mail. Every package I send out has Posting Proof or Insurance to guard against Postal errors. That way you and I are both covered against loss or damage.

This is a continuing catalogue since 1985. To those who’ve been with me since then, thank you for your business. To any newcomers; Welcome to Johnny Dollar Tattoo! Some of the goods you’ll find here were featured way back then, which goes to prove: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Many items are of my own design, built with the experience that 40 years as a working tattooist has given me.

Browse through and see what goodies you can find. Enquiries? Give me a ring and I’ll be happy to talk to you about any aspect of my goods or tattooing in general.

Yours Faithfully,

John (Johnny Dollar) Entwistle.

"I Tattooed Your Dad!"

(John Entwistle, Whistle Stop Pty Ltd. Australian Company Number 007 376 712)
Phone.                         Australia 03 9428 8542                            Overseas + 61 3 9428 8542